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The Pendragon Wytch (by C. C. Davie)

The Pendragon Wytch (by C. C. Davie)

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This listing is strictly limited to the very small number of extra PR boxes we have in stock, so when we sell out, they are gone! Please note that these extra PR boxes are sold with the permission of the author.

What’s inside this box?

  • x1 Haus of Fables exclusive paperback copy of 'The Pendragon Wytch' with digitally printed edges and a signed bookplate (there are only 50 of these beauties in existence!)
  • x1 Haus of Fables X 'The Pendragon Wytch' exclusive bonus chapter booklet with x2 bonus scenes and interior artwork (there are also only 50 of these in existence!)
  • x2 Double sided printed character art, x1 creature artwork and x1 A5 map print.
  • x1 Content creator information card
  • x1 'The Wytchling Chronicles' information card with QR code for a free download of Book 1 'Helicale Rising'
  • x1 Haus of Fables velvet touch + gold foil bookmark
  • x2 Haus of Fables stickers
  • x1 Bibliophile sticker
  • x1 Quote from 'The Pendragon Wytch' sticker

Book synopsis

King Arthur has taken Kambria. With his advisor Merlin at his side and the legions he commands, he has chased the last of the magic-wielding Sylvyn into the far south in his quest for absolute power. 

But behind the walls of Windhaven is Morgana le Fay, a gods-blessed Child of Nimmet and the Sylvyns last hope.  

As Arthur closes in, they are pushed to breaking, and bargains are made to protect them with devastating consequences…

This book is for mature audiences. You can find a full list of content warnings at


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We offer international shipping to Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom only.

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Some listings will be for strictly limited overstock from past PR campaigns, or special editions from authors. When the sell out, they are gone!

This will also mean if anything untoward happens on route in the postal system, it is unlikely we will be able to replace your limited stock item.

What is a made-to-order drop?

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