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Whether you're a debut wordsmith or a seasoned author, our in-Haus team is eager to join your literary journey. We specialise in creating PR campaigns that amplify your story and connect with readers. We believe that every book has its own unique magic, and it's time to share yours with the world. As an author, promoting yourself and your books on social media can be an overwhelming task—but you're not alone. If you're struggling to improve your online presence, or want help to find the marketable content from your work we're here to help! Our in-Haus team have years of experience in social media marketing to improve brand presence and engage target audiences. 



Sam has spent years cultivating relationships and building trust with her bookish community by platforming her unwavering love of stories. She has 15+ years of experience working in business development, design, marketing and content creation, but her passion is using these skills to help authors and artists soar to new heights.

Sam is a pro at identifying compelling tales crafted by bold, boundary-breaking authors. Her ultimate goal? To share these powerful stories far and wide, reaching existing fans and new readers alike. With her attention to detail, creative flair and knowledge of the online bookish space, Sam and her team will develop and implement a bespoke PR campaign to launch—or re-launch—your work with the excitement and attention it deserves.


Celeste has a decade's worth of experience working in direct-to-consumer marketing and sales. Celeste is our in-Haus go-to on all things social media and design, utilising her Business Marketing Diploma with a specialisation in social media to boost online brand presence and engagement. Celeste currently manages social media for Haus of Fables alongside her own ever-growing bookish TikTok account, solidifying her as a trusted reviewer of all things Romance. With Celeste’s experience, she will guide you to develop your online presence and give you the tools to sustainably manage your own social media.

PR Campaigns

Haus Box PR Campaign

For authors wanting to leverage the Haus of Fables brand with targeted exposure for their promotional campaign.

Contents Include:

In-Haus features:

  • Haus of Fables branded mailer box
  • Luxe eco-packaging
  • Haus bookmark with gold foiling x1
  • Haus sticker x1
  • Bibliophile sticker x1

Author features:

  • All items custom designed in-Haus
  • Double sided content creator information card
  • Double sided character art and/or map prints x2*
  • If requested—custom stickers and/or bookmark or other custom items to suit (additional cost to be quoted)

Please note:

  • Author to provide book (posted to Haus HQ)

MINIMUM x25 boxes


from AUD$35 per box (GST inclusive)
Haus management fee and shipping to be quoted

Custom Box PR Campaign

For authors who would like a custom PR box, with creative direction focused wholly on your brand and book release.

Contents Include:

Custom Box features:

  • All items custom designed in-Haus
  • Luxe eco-packaging
  • Custom designed PR mailer box
  • Double sided content creator information card
  • Double sided character art and/or map prints x3*
  • Custom designed stickers x2
  • Custom designed bookmark x1
  • If requested—other custom items to suit (additional cost to be quoted)

Please note:

  • Author to provide book (posted to Haus HQ)

MINIMUM x25 boxes

(x50 recommended for best return on investment)


from AUD$60 per box (GST inclusive)
Haus management fee and shipping to be quoted

Special Edition Box PR Campaign

For authors who would like a bespoke PR box, with creative direction focused wholly on your brand and book release, with the addition of a special edition book and bonus chapter booklet.

Contents Include:

Special Edition Box features:

  • All items custom designed in-Haus
  • Luxe eco-packaging
  • Custom-designed PR mailer box
  • Special Edition printed paperback book with digitally printed edges, full colour internal cover art and foiled external cover art (hardcover with or without dustjacket can also be quoted on request)
  • Exclusive bonus chapter booklet (in-Haus designed, edited and formatted) with full colour internal cover art (eBook version also provided for ongoing use as a newsletter sign up incentive)
  • Double sided content creator information card
  • Double sided character art prints and/or map x3*
  • Custom designed stickers x2
  • Custom designed double sided foiled bookmark x1
  • If requested—other custom items to suit (additional cost to be quoted)

MINIMUM x50 boxes


from AUD$100 per box (GST inclusive)
Haus management fee and shipping to be quoted

*We can work with your existing artwork, or commission new artwork. The Haus of Fables campaign fee includes project management of artist commissions from our extensive database.

The cost of artist commission is covered by the author and this will include an extra commercial licensing fee.

Rights and ongoing usage belong to the author at the conclusion of the campaign.

All Haus PR Campaigns include:

  • In-Haus design of all PR box design features, including: special edition books, custom mailer boxes and other custom pieces included in the box
  • In-Haus design and management of emails, sign up forms and social media posts
  • Announcement of the PR campaign on the Haus of Fables PR social media channels
  • Access to Haus of Fables content creator and bookish artist database
  • Influencer engagement and implementation (research and approach suitable influencers for best engagement)
  • Packing and shipment of PR boxes through AUSPOST

Optional extras:

Digital ARC Distribution

  • Distributed through BookFunnel with watermark
  • To be distributed to the PR box recipients along with a wider range of reviewers for maximum return on investment
  • Can be added on at time of quotation

The Nerd Fam Collaboration

  • All design features and content creator outreach managed by Haus of Fables
  • Distribution of the custom PR campaign in the US through The Nerd Fam for international reach. This will include production, packing, and shipping of all items in the US
  • This collab will depend on The Nerd Fam's availability, so early engagement of these services is strongly advised

Marketing Services

eARC Management

For the authors who would like help managing their ARC teams, or who would like to utilise the reach of Haus of Fables for their book release.

Package includes:

  • Distribution of digital ARC'S through BookFunnel
  • All books are watermarked for ease of piracy tracking and takedown notices
  • Access to international readers and reviewers
  • Customised email and sign up form distributed to the Haus of Fables database
  • Customised social media posts on the Haus of Fables PR accounts


AUD$495 (GST inclusive)

Marketing consulting

A one-on-one consultation with Sam regarding author branding, social media marketing, or marketing strategy for a specific book release. This can include anything from book cover advice, to targeted marketing strategies.

Package Inclusions

  • Completion of an introductory questionnaire to support pre-meeting research and preparation
  • 1hr long zoom consultation
  • High level marketing coaching provided on author branding, specific book marketing tips and social media strategies (adapted to specific author needs)


Initial consult AUD$200 (GST inclusive)

Marketing guides 

Our in-Haus team will read your book and provide a marketing guide outlining a variety of engaging promotional content you can produce to engage your audience. Your marketing guide will include suggestions for:

Package Inclusions

  • Short and long-form marketable quotes
  • Aesthetic direction (colour palettes, music, motifs etc.)
  • Scene and character art commission ideas
  • Bonus content (alternative POV and off-page additional scenes etc.)
  • Specific Instagram and TikTok content creation ideas including a tropes list

* Also available for quotation is a content pull only, if you do not require a full Marketing Guide


Quote provided upon request (based on scope and word count)


Endorsement for PR Campaign

“I have never enjoyed the release of a book as much as I have with Haus of Fables.

The PR boxes themselves were beautiful and tailored perfectly to the book which has stunning digitally printed edges. These were well received by the content creators involved in the campaign, who were hand-picked by Haus to best fit the genre. 

Everything from the custom-designed stickers to the bonus content booklet was designed and organized by the team at Haus, and the quality of everything speaks for itself. Seeing the delight and surprise as PR boxes reached content creators was such an amazing experience.

Communication throughout the entire process was fantastic, they answered all of my questions, worked with me on timelines and provided advice when needed. 

I cannot imagine releasing a book without the team now, and look forward to being able to work with them again!” 

~C. C. Davie, author of The Wytchling Chronicles

Endorsement for Marketing Consulting

"Haus is a lifeline!

When I sat down with Haus, I was burned out. Decision fatigue, imposter syndrome, the works. Haus got it. They came into that meeting knowing I was a husk and knowing how to help. They were unfailingly professional and realistic. I don't think I've ever felt so seen, heard, and supported in a business meeting in my life. 

I was given a swathe of information, and while it wasn't all new, it all was specific to me, and it was explained so I really understood both the concepts I thought I'd known and also the new ones they introduced to me. All information was presented in priority order for me, and they chunked the topics so I understood the steps I would need to follow to accomplish various aims. When I signed off, I felt confident. I still feel confident, more than a month later. I'm still working my way steadily through the plan Haus helped to develop, and I've been able to do it in a way that's sustainable and authentic. It's been a very long time since the business of selling books has felt achievable, for me. Haus gave me the tools I needed, and the confidence to use them."

~Elisse Hay, author of the Something Wicked series

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What is the difference between a PR Campaign and ARC management?

For a PR Campaign, the intention is exposure and finding readers by matching content creators to each specific book release. Our belief is that if content creators read and review the book, that is a bonus—the chances are high as we try to match them to their interests well—but it’s not expected or pushed to a book release timeline. Our PR Campaign focus is content creation and reach.

For digital ARC management, our intention is to find enthusiastic readers and reviewers who match well with your book. Legally, we cannot require a review from the recipients of eARC’s, so we cast our net wide and aim for a significantly higher than average review rate (the publishing industry standard review rate for ARCs is 10%). 

Do you only work with AU/NZ authors, and only ship to AU/NZ content creators?

No! While we specialise in engagement and distribution of the PR boxes in the southern hemisphere, our eARC’s are distributed to international readers.

We also have the capability to collab on a PR campaign with The Nerd Fam who will look after distribution in the US. This means we are able to access an international audience to ensure the best return on your investment. We know authors have global audiences they will want to reach, and we are happy to help.

Does a PR Campaign have to be for a new book release?

No! While the most common timing for a PR Campaign is for a new release, an existing title or series can absolutely benefit from this marketing strategy. A PR Campaign can reinvigorate your series and/or work to leverage an upcoming new milestone (e.g. cover refresh, audiobook, last book in a series or special edition release etc.).