Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you create Haus of Fables?

Bookish PR for independent authors was something we noticed was sorely lacking in Australia and New Zealand. With our collective years of professional experience and genuine love of the bookish space, we decided to curate a broad selection of author services to support independent authors from editing through to PR and marketing.

Does Haus of Fables accept payment for book reviews?

No! Haus of Fables highly respects the book review space as by readers, for readers. We make a clear distinction between our personal reviews as readers, and paid author services—and would never want to bring our authentic reviews into question. We will not review client books. There may be a scenario where we review a book organically and rave about it, and the author later approaches Haus for author services—this will be openly and transparently disclosed and the order of those events emphasised where necessary.

Do you use, or support the use of AI in writing or art?

No! We believe in supporting artists and creatives and paying them fairly for their work. The way generative AI currently operates is via the theft of original art (e.g. scraping), and is therefore unethically produced. We feel so passionately about this, that we will not work with authors who use or support AI in their marketing on social media, or in any other step of the publication process.

For Authors—PR Campaigns

What is the difference between a PR Campaign and ARC management?

At Haus we currently focus on PR Campaigns, but may expand to ARC management in the future. For a PR Campaign, the intention is exposure and finding readers through matching content creators to each specific book release. Our belief is that if content creators read and review the book, that is a bonus—the chances are high as we try to match them to their interests well—but it’s not expected or pushed to a book release timeline. Our PR Campaign focus is content creation and reach.

Do you only work with AU/NZ authors, and only ship to AU/NZ content creators?

No! We love working with authors from all over the world. While we specialise in PR engagement and distribution in the southern hemisphere, if an author is happy to pay for shipping to content creators further afield, our in-Haus team are more than happy to make that happen. We know authors have global audiences they will want to reach, and we are happy to help.

Does the PR Campaign have to be for a new book release?

No! While the most common timing for a PR Campaign is for a new release, an existing title or series can absolutely benefit from this marketing strategy. A PR Campaign can reinvigorate your series and/or work to leverage an upcoming new milestone (e.g. cover refresh, audiobook or special edition release etc.).

For Authors—Editing + Formatting

Am I the right editor for you?

The sample edit process is a way to ensure we are both the right fit for each other—both practically (editing and critique style) and philosophically (themes and content). At Haus of Fables, participating in the professional process of preparing a book for publication is something we take very seriously, and we seek to take on manuscripts that we are passionate about. We understand that writing is political and seek to work with authors who share our passion for inclusivity and representation.

Are you comfortable editing spice?

Yes! At Haus our approach is one of sex-positivity, and we are happy to edit all forms of on-page spice. However, we will always strongly recommend involving sensitivity readers in the editing process where some specific kinks are involved.

Are you a sensitivity reader?

No! While I have lived experience with neurodivergence, and have studied at a post-graduate level in areas such as cross-cultural communication and intersectional representation in fiction—I will only be able to critique or advise from an academic perspective. I will strongly recommend the engagement of own-voices sensitivity readers in the editing process, and when necessary, decline working on a manuscript if there is a reluctance to handle representation with the care and ethics it requires.

For Authors—Social Media Consulting

Can Haus manage my social media accounts for me?

No! At Haus, we will create templates, develop content ideas and implementation plans. The ultimate goal of our in-Haus social media consulting services is to equip you with the tools, confidence and strategy to implement your own social media self-management.

Can I add a social media consultation to my PR Campaign with Haus of Fables?

Yes! We would love to! Having consistency across what you do as an author is integral to your success. Our in-Haus team works collaboratively to create PR campaigns that ultimately translate well into the digital space, and we would love to support you in implementing cohesive marketing.

I am looking for something very specific to my goals, are you able to help?

Of course! Every author's situation is different and your online presence or marketing goals may need a different approach. As part of your consultation, we will tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

For Content Creators

Do I need a large following to sign up to Haus of Fables, or to apply to participate in PR Campaigns?

No! We are looking for a diverse group of content creators, and the highest priority is finding the best fit for each specific title. If you are active in the bookish social media community, please do not let your follower count hold you back from applying.

Do I need to be in Australia or New Zealand to sign up or apply?

Not at all! While our focus and priority is AU/NZ content creators, there will absolutely be times when our independent author clients want to include international shipping as part of their PR campaign.

What are your expectations of content creators if we receive PR?

Expectations will vary depending on the campaign. Participation in all PR campaigns will include the condition of agreeing to post content on your social media platform/s, and we will aim to give you a two-week posting window. If a PR campaign also includes an ARC read and review, this will be clear at the point of sign-up.


Where is the Haus of Fables shop located?

Haus of Fables is located in, and ships from Brisbane, Australia.

We offer international shipping to Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom only.

Why is stock limited?

Some listings will be for strictly limited overstock from past PR campaigns, or special editions from authors. When the sell out, they are gone!

This will also mean if anything untoward happens on route in the postal system, it is unlikely we will be able to replace your limited stock item.

What is a made-to-order drop?

Haus of Fables will launch bookish merch collections with a preorder window and these will be made-to-order. Each collection will be clear in the listing when the shipping date will take place (it will be a minimum of four weeks).