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Who we are

At Haus we believe in the power of sharing stories. We are women-owned and operated, and we take pride in celebrating the diverse voices of women, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. Our core values of community, inclusivity, empathy and excellence drive everything we do. Our Australian-based in-Haus team have come together as marketing and communications professionals who wholeheartedly love the bookish space. Our passion is to create a safe place for stories to flourish and to provide the support needed to connect them with more readers.

What we do

Our author services cover everything from developmental editing through to formatting, and PR + Marketing services. Haus can be at your side every step of the way as you take on the awe-inspiring task of independently publishing a novel. 

Our collective professional experience and genuine love of storytelling and genre fiction will help you feel seen, connected and supported. Our goal is to be a valued and trusted part of your team for the long term. 

Please explore our Haus and don’t hesitate to get in touch. There is something here for authors, for content creators and for readers. Consider our Haus, your home!

  • For Authors

    Our in-Haus services are tailored to help you establish a brand that truly represents you, your stories, and your values. Whether you need assistance with editing, formatting, social media or creating PR campaigns—we are here to help.

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  • For Content Creators

    Are you a book lover who enjoys sharing diverse and inspiring stories? Come and join us at Haus! We are looking for individuals who are active on social media and passionate about promoting authors and their work.

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  • For Readers

    Welcome to the Haus of Fables Book Club. This community has been cultivated as a safe space for readers to talk about the books we are reading, the books we are buying and the unhinged theories and feelings we are having.

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Why did you create Haus of Fables?

Bookish PR for independent authors was something we noticed was sorely lacking in Australia and New Zealand. With our collective years of professional experience and genuine love of the bookish space, we decided to curate a broad selection of author services to support independent authors from editing through to PR and marketing.

Does Haus of Fables accept payment for book reviews?

No! Haus of Fables highly respects the book review space as by readers, for readers. We make a clear distinction between our personal reviews as readers, and paid author services—and would never want to bring our authentic reviews into question. We will not review client books. There may be a scenario where we review a book organically and rave about it, and the author later approaches Haus for author services—this will be openly and transparently disclosed and the order of those events emphasised where necessary.

Do you use, or support the use of AI in writing or art?

No! We believe in supporting artists and creatives and paying them fairly for their work. The way generative AI currently operates is via the theft of original art (e.g. scraping), and is therefore unethically produced. We feel so passionately about this, that we will not work with authors who use or support AI in their marketing on social media, or in any other step of the publication process.